Sikka’s Residence

Designed as a richly woven tapestry of materials, natural light and space, this residence is labour of great detail and delight spread across various levels and volumes. The design intent lay in building on the architectural elements, such as the hanging staircase, exposed RCC, brick, and kotah stone layers with a raw and distinct appeal. Interesting innovations in lighting design using exposed RCC corrugated sheets too add to the dramatic qualities of this home, along with hints of bright yellows along staircase railings,library and courtyard. With careful consideration of the users’ preferences and age, various micro-palettes were developed for each bedroom, with an underlying commonality of exposed brick, tempered concrete and polished wood.

Typology: Private residence
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Construction Area: 5000 sqft
Completion: April 2019
Photography by: Phxindia