Evergreen Industries

An office for a dye-manufacturing company in Ahmedabad is imbued with an interplay of lines, set within a timeless material and color palette of MS with wood, Jaisalmer stone and handmade tiles rendered in a contemporary theme. The design process consciously incorporated coordinated use of lines and diagonals across flooring, partitions, workstations or ceilings. Moreover, an effortless flow in between double volumed workstations to private, cosier cabins becomes an element of wonder and surprise. Services and ducts are cleanly tucked away through a fuss-free exposed ceiling with a conduit layout. Hints of turquoise blue against grey, or a welcoming green wall at the reception sets this office apart from its counterparts, going beyond workplace design and towards an evergreen balance of material, colour and light!

Typology: Textile admin office
Location: Vatva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Construction Area: 2500sqft
Completion: January 2019
Photography by: Tejas Shah