A G Finance

Executed with a simple visual language and affinity for brightness, the client brief for AG Finance required a simple, efficient and delightful workspace where patrons of the business could conduct meetings and hold internal discussions. The office is an exemplar of clean, contextual design and build solutions applied within a compact space. The design intent was to create open and breathable workspaces while also maintaining privacy when required. A palette of natural wood, glass and ample shades of blue is set against natural, white backdrops. Apart from achieving a finesse in spaces, this project showcases Adhwa Architects’ commitment to timely delivery and quick design execution. Glass partitions with sleek wooden frames divide as well as visually connect an informal meeting room to formal workspace. Natural tones of wood on countertops, tabletops and slender wall shelves gently gleam in natural light. In this setting, handpicked accessories, soft furnishings and indoor plants sink into a relaxed, comfortable professional environment.

Typology: Private office
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Construction Area: 700 sqft
Completion: April 2019
Photography by: Inclined Studio