About Us

ADHWA architecture .interiors established in the year 2013, owned by Ankita Jain and Dhwanil Patel. The firm provides interior design consultation for all segments including Residential, commercial, Retail & hospitality.

We believe that unlike the solitary pursuits of painting or poetry, design is, by its very nature, a collaborative process. We encourage and welcome input from our clients. Together we formulate a common vision and come to understand the deeper intentions of the project. This inclusive approach most often yields a broader, richer, more satisfying result.

We do this by appropriately connecting the project to its location and bringing forward a kinesthetic experience that invites involvement. Out of the project’s context and our client’s particular needs and desires each project develops its own identity and character.

Our work celebrates the relationship and interplay of space, light, and material. It is nurturing, enriching, and accessible.